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February 18, 2022

Trusted Partners, Reliable Components

One thing that made this 75 years of IMO possible was undeniably the ability to build sustainable and lasting relationships.

Betting on vertical integration to maintain product quality, the process of selecting reliable partners that can continuously provide the required level of quality is a key factor in delivering safe and dependable technological products to our customers.

The steadfast effectiveness of medical devices has a positive impact on the safety and comfort of patients who use them, increases support for healthcare providers, and reduces costs for healthcare institutions. And only with the best materials and components is it possible to keep making high-quality products, creating a close relationship with capable and professional suppliers.

During this pandemic period, suppliers were put to the test, and we are proud to say that they were one of the pillars that allowed IMO to never stop delivering beds, stretchers, and armchairs, contributing to our mission to help as many patients as possible.

For this and many other reasons, a big thank you from the IMO team to all our suppliers and partners.

IMO – Together with all Caregivers

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