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February 8, 2023

Introducing Fine – The armchair that simplifies patient transport

IMO presents the new Fine treatment and transport chair, adding a new version to the Zero G family. This new model is an economic alternative, maintaining therapeutic properties.

Affordable but safe

The expansion of hospital facilities has created the need for more cost-effective health solutions that can reach more patients. It was from this premise that Fine was born – the chair that simplifies the transport of patients.

Despite being a more economical version than its predecessors, the fundamental concepts of safety and durability characteristic of IMO products remain, creating a universal medical device with surprising functional competence.

The lowering of range was achieved by simplifying what is essential in a hospital chair, focusing on the functions of intra-hospital transportation, postoperative recovery and outpatient treatment, removing extra functionalities and aesthetic components.

Make hospital management less complicated               

Fine armchairs are an ally in the organisation of devices between hospital units. From emergencies to hospitalisation, these multifunctional armchairs allow you to consult patients and take them to the wards without leaving their place. This avoids many patient transfers, reducing injuries to patients and healthcare professionals.

The simplicity of the controls also increases the efficiency of care, making its use intuitive and fast for any user and thus increasing the flow of patients in almost the entire hospital.

Read all the details on the product page.

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