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March 1, 2023

For a greener future

At IMO, we believe that our duties as a medical device producer extend beyond designing products that can help healthcare professionals and their patients.

Added to our efforts of maintaining sustainable products, we installed solar panels in our headquarters. Not only as a means of strengthening our business through lower and more stable energy costs but also as a commitment to provide cleaner air for our community.

Clean energy production

As part of our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, we have our production fed by 338 panels, generating roughly 60% more energy than it needs. This translates to having the factory work on 100% renewable energy for at least half of the year. In turn, it will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 166 tons each year.

In addition, to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all aspects of our business, we are gradually switching to electric vehicles in our car fleet.

Efficient resource management

IMO’s factory have been the focus of investments made to improve the production processes, including the replacement of several machines by more energy efficient ones. Furthermore, the painting line has also been adjusted to the most optimized operating times and oven temperatures.

A sustainable approach is also taken to the management of production waste. Some of the epoxy powder is reused and all the metal leftovers are recycled, just to quote some examples.

Sustainable products

The circular economy concept has been part of the company’s mission from the ground up – to create resistant and long-lasting products. We design our medical devices with the highest quality materials and components. And we also make sure to provide the most effective maintenance for as long as the products remain in use.

Even at the end of the product lifecycle, the environment is cared for by making medical devices and furniture that can be easily dismantled. These are made of materials with no hazardous substances and are almost 100% recyclable.

Conscious design and distribution

Packaging can lead to excess waste, but to have products working perfectly for a long time, a safe means of transportation is a crucial aspect.

That’s why to keep our products protected ecologically, we invest a great deal of time in optimizing how our products will be delivered. The components are reduced to a minimum and only use safe and recyclable materials with the bare minimum of single-use plastics. To go even further, we develop methods for more efficient transport, such as vertical packaging of beds. This reduces the fuel and time needed to deliver orders and minimizes our logistics footprint by doing most of our deliveries by truck and the rest by ship.

IMO – Together with all Caregivers

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