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août 12, 2021

Quality Medical Devices

Over the past 75 years of its history, IMO has aimed to offer access to innovation and quality of its products, without neglecting the safety and comfort of patients and health professionals.

Physical and emotional comfort are priorities for us. The solutions developed by IMO aim to humanize environments usually impersonal and acetic, bringing comfort and optimism to the patient and loved ones.

Quality medical devices confer safety to the patient and health professional, as well as the best possible health support. 

Today, technological advances allow us to create ergonomic, safe and durable hospital beds, stretchers, armchairs and tables that meet the needs of an ever-evolving healthcare sector. Hospitals can now have medical devices available that fulfil both functional and aesthetic aspects. There are many possible customisations, from the colours and finishes to the materials used.

The quality of the materials must be a priority: in addition to being durable, medical devices must be made of raw materials that are resistant to contamination, easy to clean and free of chemicals harmful to health. Armchairs and mattresses should use materials that are breathable and prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria.

Investment in high-quality medical devices is also essential for patient inclusion. The bet on bariatric and geriatric beds show attention for growing groups in society, an index of evolved health systems.

IMO – Medical Solutions is a family company with 75 years of know-how in designing medical devices. Throughout its history, the company has acquired a strong development, manufacturing and after-sales capability, which is reflected in a superior range and highly durable products, with thousands of beds in use for over 20 years.

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