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juillet 8, 2021

ICU beds vs Universal beds

Intensive care unit beds are essential in the monitoring of patients who require 24/7 and specialised medical treatment. 

In most cases, patients in intensive care units need constant monitoring. As such, premium quality intensive care beds are essential to give the best care to patients. 

It is this quality that IMO aims for in all its products, notably in the Matrix E50. Today we explain to you how ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds differ from traditional hospital beds by looking at their specifications.

ICU bed specifications 

Ideally, intensive care beds should be smart beds, able to quickly position the patient for medical and emergency interventions such as Exam and Shock and equipped with mattresses with high anti-sores protection.

These are the essential features of any ICU bed and you will find them in IMO’s Matrix E50 bed. In addition to these specifications, the E50 offers continuous monitoring features, with integrated digital scale and interactive alarms, freeing up healthcare professionals and increasing patient safety.

Matrix E50 also features multiple foot controls and built-in controls in side rails, which allow the caregiver to perform the medical positions of Trendelenburg, Cardiac Chair, Examination and 30 degrees back, as well as emergency CPR and Shock interventions with just one button.

Our ICU beds are designed to allow easy cleaning, reducing the places where dirt can accumulate and thus ensure complete disinfection. 

All of the above features have something central in common: they serve to help medical staff react quickly and give the most effective treatment to patients in the event of an emergency.

So the most significant differences between ICU beds and ward beds are linked to the fact that the former is suitable for patients who need constant observation or intervention and rapid response.

Discover our range of hospital beds at and learn more about our intensive care bed Matrix E50.

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