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December 21, 2021

Health Technology on the Frontline of Patient Care

Appropriate and functional medical equipment, coupled with health technology, is essential in patients’ care and facilitates the work of healthcare professionals.     

Almost two years after being shaken by a devastating pandemic that took far too many lives, it is possible to realize that technological, current, and functional medical equipment is critical for proper patient care and treatment.

The demand for health technology that improves the best care for patients does not stop growing. There is innovation in devices or machines, management software, or even hospital furniture. And it is in hospital furniture, one of IMO – Medical Solutions specialties. 

Health technology in hospital beds

For 75 years, IMO has been working to meet the needs of the demand, adapting and transforming itself. Thus, the production of medical equipment such as hospital beds, stretchers, or armchairs of high quality, coupled with the latest tech, has been a priority.  

Hospital beds are critical in the first line of patient care. Both in the patients’ recovery and to help medical teams react quickly and effectively. And so we remain invested in producing this product. 

On the other hand, we also know that inadequate beds can contribute to severe injuries, especially in patients who need continual and specialized medical treatment.

In 1986, IMO – Medical Solutions developed and produced the first fully electric bed in Portugal and one of the first in the world.

Today, IMO – Medical Solutions’ beds keep up with the technology applied to healthcare and seek to mitigate these challenges to meet the needs in patients care. 

Vigilance and emergency positions

An example of this is the Matrix E50 bed. This bed is ideal for intensive care with monitoring capabilities because it offers continuous surveillance features, emergency medical positions, weight monitoring, and tools to reduce hospitalization times. 

These specifics free up healthcare professionals and increase patient safety. Even though it may seem like a mundane piece of medical furniture, technology has highly improved hospital beds that play a crucial role in patients’ recovery.

Today, they come in many shapes and sizes, use innovative technology, and have a design that helps people with specific health conditions and diseases.

Technological evolution is essential in front-line patient care. At IMO – Medical Solutions, we ensure the continuity and improvement of equipment to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals and ensure patient safety and well-being.  

IMO – Together with all Caregivers

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